Our Story

Our founder Dr. Joe studied Digital Systems System Design both in undergraduate and graduate schools.

Dr. Joe earned BS Mathematics, B.S.E.E, M.S.E.E from University of Tennessee.

Dr. Joe earned Doctorate in Business Administration degree from United States International University, San Diego.

He is a Project Management Professional (PMP--certificate # 527241).

He is a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer in State of California--license # E10169).

. He has been a leader in many consultant private companies and government services.  He was Lead Resident Engineer/Project Management with the State of California Department of Transportation Infrastructure Construction; managing many multi million dollar projects for over 16 years.

As a licensed Project Management Professional (PMP) he understands the concept  of triple pedestal of Projects (Scope, Cost, Schedule) with high quality performance as overall goal within given scope. He is a Registered Electrical Engineer in the State of California.

Search Engine and Social Media Optimization is considered his expertise.

Our Vision

What drives google search engines are algorithms based on set metrics.  Your business will rank unique and high when we use tools which google like. 99 percent of success is in knowing and giving google software what it takes to rank you company high for searches. Making the best product is not enough. We have to get it to the marketplace where customers notice and buy.

Dr. Joe Obadike is a Registered Electrical Engineer with advanced degrees in Engineering, Business Administration and Project Management.

He has over 30 years as a Project Manager and Design Chief for Major Consulting engineering firm such Ralph M. Parsons and the State of California.

Dr. Joe is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Dr. Joe Obadike, PE, PMP