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Los Angeles SEO Expert


Why you need One

The benefits of hiring a Los Angeles SEO Expert  are numerous. Business websites need optimization to attain higher rankings on search engines such as  Google, Bing and Yahoo. Higher rankings on search engines help grow your online presence and consequently, traffic and the bottom line.

When your website ranks high on search results for keywords, there will be more clicks, conversions, acquisitions and purchases.  In a competitive market environment, ability to rank higher than your competition, creates traffic and increases the bottom line for a company that embraces holistic digital marketing strategy.

Simply put in the words of “It is the job of SEO Expert to make your website show up at the top of the search engines results pages (SERPs).”  Our Expert  from Los Angeles SEO researches and analyzes. The focus is on the trends and best practices for search engines and optimizing them, Oftentimes people search the internet for a solution. The objective is to help them solve the problem.

It is a Win/Win for the business owner because the return on the investment (ROI) in hiring an expert for search engine optimization (SEO) is far greater than for other paid advertisements. The best way to prove or measure success  is by using the analytical tools so that the business owner can track it. We are the best holistic Los Angeles SEO Agency.


What He Does

Working with the business owner, the Expert establishes a goal congruent with that of business owner. He wants to understand the business niche and current performance metrics. How does your business perform in comparison with your leading competitions?


Keyword Research

 Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject .Which keywords have high ranking in search results?

Successful SEO strategy ensures that your keywords and content are aligned properly.  Content and keywords in an optimized website are aligned to reach the right people. There is no better feeling than creating something that drives real business results.

The Los Angeles SEO Expert does an audit for your website and that of your competition for organic searches.  According to Wikipedia,” organic search results are listings on search engine result pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms as opposed to advertisements”.

Next, the Expert identifies the focus keywords for the search results that people enter when searching for products or services of the business.  He prioritizes on keywords that might rank high based on market competition for keyword rankings.

Site Structure Design

 The expert stays up to date with changes in website structure design optimization.

Google’s algorithm can be divided into two categories in the ranking of your website:

  1. On Page Factors

 Technical issues (e.g. quality of your code) and more textual issues  (e.g. structure of your site, text, use of words and content).

a) Quality Content

Content is the currency of the internet. Content gives you value. Content is king. The Los Angeles SEO Expert creates optimized Content for the website based on research. Content is relevant to the keywords for the website.

Cornerstone Content page is where the most important articles exist on the web page. It reflects the business and mission of the business. Websites should have a minimum of one or two Cornerstone Content articles  and a maximum of 8 to 10 articles. Cornerstone Content is the most linked page because it is an all inclusive. Optimized Content is relevant, readable with paragraphs that transition seamlessly. Awesome Content is more popular in social media.

b) Web Page Optimization

Starting with Page Title, the expert implements the focus keyword on the Page Title with information that attracts a visitor’s attention and to tarry on that page. Another way to communicate the business mission to the audience is to make good use of Title and Tagline.

A Tagline or Meta description is a small amount of text which serves to clarify the thought. It could be a description of your brand or a call to action.

A great Page Title, Tagline and Awesome Content embellish each other.

Photos, Images, Fonts and Videos are optimized so that they can load effectively on both Mobile and Desktop devices. Each page loading speed should be optimized for better User Experience (UX) which ultimately improves ranking. Check Google’s Speed Update. Optimize loading time.   The website must be Mobile Friendly.


seo expert of los angeles
los angeles seo expert


c) Awesome Landing Pages

The SEO Expert includes Landing Pages on the website that provide satisfactory information and friendly user experience (UX). The text and clear navigation directs the visitor to take desired actions.

d) Links (Inner and Outbound)

Inner Links of the pages are for relevant topics or articles. With an Optimized Site Structure, the  SEO expert links from the tail to the head category page. From the head category page he links to the most Awesome Landing Pages.

Outbound Links are necessary for equal opportunity connection to the web. By connecting related websites through links, we help Google connect the dots. We help Bing to get insights on what pages relate to each other on a website. We help interesting websites rank on Google.


2.  Off Page Factors

Off Page Factors includes links external but inbound to your site.

The more other (relevant) sites link to your website the higher your ranking in Google and other search engines. The SEO Expert implements the strategies to increase business presence on Social Media and other relevant websites to the customer’s business.   He increases back links to generate trust and power to the customer’s website.

los angeles expert seo
Los Angeles SEO Expert


a) Local Business Citations

The Expert of Los Angeles SEO works with the business owner to create citations of important business data platforms. Citation includes Name, Address and Phone number (NAP). It should include a Google map. Accurate citation help people discover local businesses culminating in transactions.

Key business listings can also be built on popular review-oriented sites such as Facebook and Yelp.  According to research, nearly 80% of local searches result in purchases.  Also, Google study shows that 88% of Mobile users search for local businesses.  Will they find you.

Claim Your Google My Business is imperative, when the SEO Expert wants to rank a local business higher. He assists the customer to complete a Google my Business profile. The profile helps Google and the community to build trust in the business.  Google my Business is also a review-oriented site. It also improves website ranking for queries related to local businesses.

b) Social Media Marketing Management

Managing your online presence requires full time on the job. Los Angeles SEO Expert gets your business listed on the most popular Social Media sites. Business listings on Social Media sites optimize user engagement and foster relationships that fill your sales funnel to the top, consequently, adding measurable value to your bottom line.

Awesome content on the On Page of the website increase social media traffic to that site.

c) Blog Management

The Expert of Los Angeles SEO optimizes blog platforms (example—WordPress, Tumbler, Twitter, Blogger).  Most importantly, the blog has to be relevant and informative to existing customers.  The blog includes new contents. Using SEO strategy the Expert updates existing contents to increase article’s shelf life.


Avoiding Website Penalties

The   Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird are not the names of favorite animals from Google.  They are the names of some of the changes in Google algorithm constantly evolving.  The SEO Expert studies and stays current with the changes.  This is necessary to avoid website penalties. Website penalties can lead to loss of website ranking and loss of revenues to business.

Search Engine Optimization of the business website by Los Angeles SEO Expert will drive traffic to your business website while avoiding any penalties that can adversely impact rankings and the bottom line (ROI).


Take Action

 Congratulations on reading this page so far. Hopefully, you gleaned some information that will allow you to ask right questions. Hopefully, you make better and informed decisions when you need to improve ranking on your business website.


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